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Natural Home Remedies

This is an encyclopedia of Natural Homemade Remedies. You can get on track to a healthier fulfilling life regardless of any little illness and do so naturally. Natural homemade health remedies are exactly what they state, natural remedies to make you feel better. Apart from leaving you feeling healthier and fitter, they are cheaper than a Doctor’s fee.

The Natural Thyroid Diet

According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA) thyroid-related disorders are reaching epidemic levels with an estimated 200 million people worldwide now diagnosed with some form of thyroid disease. The thyroid is particularly vulnerable to disruption by toxic foods, industrial pollutants, and stress. In effect, this small fragile gland is the ‘canary in the coal mine’. Learn how to keep your thyroid healthy to prevent disease before it starts!

Cure Yourself From Lupus

Are you aware of all the natural remedies that Mother Nature has already provided us with? The answer should be ‘NO’, because nobody bothered to inform you and you also did not bother to find out. The truth is, you can cure yourself from just about any disease and ailment naturally. This book will share Mother Nature's securet remedies through wonder foods and recipes all provided in this one download.